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Good Always Wins

I can’t really post this week without acknowledging what happened at the Boston Marathon, so it took me a while to figure out what to say. I am deeply saddened and very angry. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this awful act of evil.

It was supposed to be a good day.

I was so excited that Shalane Flanagan placed fourth in the marathon. After reading a Runner’s World article about her and Kara Groucher, I was pumped to learn she is a Tar Heel! I was excited to have a favorite runner in a new favorite sport.

I was excited to tell you all that I ran a full three miles without stopping. That I, too, accomplished something awesome (yet much shorter) the same day.

But it didn’t seem right to talk about these things anymore, so I just didn’t post. It didn’t seem fair when three people died, countless others were injured and thousands more weren’t able to complete the race they trained so hard to make.

Later on that evening, I found this sign posted repeatedly on many different social platforms, and it helped raise my spirits.

[I stole the image from Facebook. I'm sorry.]

[I stole the image from Facebook. I’m sorry.]

And after reading and watching everything this week, I just want to say I’m so grateful to be joining a community of super awesome, caring runner-helpers. And I hope I add some value (in miles and in love) to this monstrous group. Thank you, runner-helpers, for reminding me that good always wins.

A Productive Monday

Ok, before I get into this post, I have a question for you all. I’m about to share what I did on Monday, but is this something I should have shared yesterday? How does this daily blogging thing work when you talk about your life and less about specific topics? Do you blog about Monday on Monday? Can you blog about Monday on Tuesday? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

Anyways, I did a very grown-up thing on Monday and got renter’s insurance. Apparently having this would have helped out when my purse was stolen last August… but the good news is that I have it now.

I followed that up with grocery shopping, which is a totally different experience from grocery shopping in Brooklyn. For starters, I have been shopping at Food Lion since it’s literally around the corner from my new complex, and the place IS HUGE! I used to walk up and down every aisle at my old Key Food in Brooklyn, but… walking up and down every aisle here would take three times as long. Also, shopping in Brooklyn made me a total food snob. I’m used to fancy brands and the latest healthy food trends. For example, there was no granola at Food Lion except these little containers by the nuts. No honey & oats granola. Worse, there was hardly any Chobani Greek Yogurt. And I didn’t look, but I doubt they have any kefir. I might try Lowe’s or Kroger’s… since I am obviously a spoiled food brat.

But the reason I went grocery shopping is because I decided to cook! I made turkey and spinach sweet potato hash from Carrots’n’Cake. The recipe was super easy. Although I only used one sweet potato because I don’t own a large sautee pan. In fact, none of my pans are large because I’ve only had a half-oven in all of my other apartments, which doesn’t have enough room on the stove top for a large pan. It’s kind of awesome to have a huge oven now though. I even want to buy a new cookie sheet because I can fit TWO in there!

Look I took a picture of it! And it tasted even better than it looks!

Look I took a picture of it! And it tasted even better than it looks! Nom nom nom!

This is something I’ll definitely be making again because it’s so easy and SO GOOD. I think next time I’ll add mushrooms to it though (mostly because I want to add mushrooms to everything).

I tried to take it easy on fitness since my run on Sunday sort of sucked and I have my Kick Ass 5K to complete today, so I did Denise Austin’s Body Makeover Mix DVD. Well… now my arms feel like JELL-O. OUCH.

How was your Monday? 

The Hold Up

So I sort of just want to write about my fitness goals and experiences because I’ve really jumped back into the swing of things and am seeing a lot of results. (Not having a job really helps leave plenty of time to work out.) I want to share things like a new 5K I signed up for (more on that later; it’s going to need its post) and how I bought a cute little new notebook to track my workouts (below) and how I’ve even started using some of the fitness DVDs I own (Denise Austin, you truly are a rockstar (and a super seriously nice interviewee)!) and how I want to try Crossfit (which I am sort of annoyed with how expensive it is).


This is my workout journal. Cute, no?

BUT I don’t want to share things like… it’s time to find a job. Every time I think about it I immediately go back to when I first graduated college and struggled to find a job. But this time, in some ways, it feels worse because I honestly have no idea what I want to do. (Ok, that’s not totally true… I have some ideas, I just have to figure out how to incorporate them into a new career.) I’m also frustrated with people asking me if I’ve found a job yet. I realize that it’s common small talk and I know they mean well, but it sort of just adds a ton of extra pressure.

So here is where I stand on the job front: I’ve updated my resume and LinkedIn profile. I’ve signed up for two job fairs. I haven’t actually applied for a job yet, but I found some worth looking in to.

I’m also still unpacking slowly. It’s not really that exciting, so I haven’t shared much. It’s also really frustrating because I want my apartment to have a more “adult” feel to it and I have no idea how to make it look that way. Color schemes and matching decor is less fun when you don’t know exactly what you want. I’ll post more about this later, too.

In fact, I’ll just start posting more. Period. Because even if I don’t like what’s happening, I told you all I’d share it with you and that’s what I’m going to do. (Err.. feel free to encourage me to stay on top of this!)

How do you stay motivated about things you don’t want to do?

Cookies Can’t Lie

Approximately two weeks ago while finding my new home, my parents and I decided to stop for lunch at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. We discussed my options and which complexes we preferred. After making a decision, we got the check and our fortune cookies.

My fortune was this (and I’m paraphrasing, of course): Laughing is like jogging for your insides, which basically means you never have to go outside again to exercise. 

Now, call me crazy, but I could be totally down with that fortune.

Fast forward to today. My dear mom has arrived to keep me from pulling my hair out while trying to pack. (Bless her, seriously.) So we decided to get Chinese delivered. (This is a luxury that she does not have in my small hometown and could be a luxury I’ll no longer have. Do Chinese places in Raleigh deliver?!)

We eat our meals and move on to our cookies. What does my fortune say?


I’m not sure why my camera couldn’t focus, but it says: IGNORE PREVIOUS COOKIE.


First, what kind of awful fortune is that? Two, it’s like a blaring red message that basically says laughter will not carry you through life. Start working out, fatty.

Touche, fortune cookie, touche.