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My Weekend + Stuff

This weekend I had my first overnight guest (besides my loving parents, of course)! He’s an old friend from high school who stopped by on his way to our hometown. I don’t have any photos since his visit was cut short (and because I’m bad at taking photos… you’ll see this problem again and again), but we had a tasty dinner at this Mexican joint near me and went to see Jurassic Park in 3D in an IMAX theater!

This was my first time watching an IMAX 3-D movie. It was pretty awesome. Plus, who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

After he left on Saturday, I decided to head out to the Farmer’s Market. I hadn’t been there since I graduated college and my parents want to go there when they visit this weekend, so I thought it’d be smart to figure out how to drive there. (I tend to get really nervous driving when I don’t know where I’m going–especially when there are other people in the car with me.)

This picture sort of sucks, but I felt kind of weird taking the photo. But I guess that's what bloggers do, right?

Yummy veggies! This picture sort of sucks, but I felt kind of weird taking the photo. But I guess that’s what bloggers do, right?

I ended up buying some sweet potatoes (which I made some sweet potato chips with, but again, I forgot to take a photo and I already finished them, but I’m going to make more so hopefully I remember to take pictures then) and a bottle of North Carolina semi-dry muscadine wine. Did you know there were different wines made from different grapes? Obviously I didn’t, so to educate myself, I bought a bottle.

Sunday was less exciting… I unpacked and cleaned more. My desk and bookcase that I ordered from Wal-Mart should be coming this week, so I need to make space for it. Once it comes, I’ll be sure to take a picture. I did some laundry (which I stillĀ love doing, by the way). Then I ran around the neighborhood.

PS: Tomorrow is Abby’s Virtual Kick Ass 5k! I’m a little nervous about it, but I think I’m going to run 2 miles around the neighborhood, then finish it up on the elliptical. Who’s joining me?

How was your weekend? Fellow bloggers, any advice on how to remember to take pictures?