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Settling In

Ok, so you know how I said packing was exhausting and didn’t leave much room for posting? Well, unpacking is TWICE AS TOUGH. At least I knew that everything had to just fit in a box before, but now, I have to find a new home for everything. That translates to moving everything four or five times. What a pain. And where on Earth did all this crap come from?

Anyways, I’m finally “settled” in Raleigh and not bouncing between my apartment and my parents’ home. (Seriously, last week I made the trip three times.) And it hit me: I am in Raleigh.

And you know what? I love it. It feels great to be back in the land of Tar Heels.

Also, can you take a look at these beauties?


My very own washing machine!!


And, of course, my very own dryer!!

It may  not seem like a big deal to most of you since I’m willing to bet most of you have them in your apartments/homes, but my New York friends will get it. No more lugging 3+ loads up and down stairs or walking to the laundry mat. No more blocking off an afternoon for laundry. It’s quite a glorious feeling (which I’m sure will fade as time goes on… but for now: I LOVE DOING LAUNDRY).

Leaving NYC

I have to confess that I got a little teary-eyed the morning I left NYC.

Once the movers came and packed up almost everything I own in their truck, my parents, my aunt and my landlord (yep, that’s right!) all went to Bark for my last meal in Brooklyn.

My go-to meal: A chili-cheese dog, disco fries and a root beer.

My go-to and last meal: A chili-cheese dog, disco fries and a root beer.

While some people have their neighborhood bars where everyone knows their name, I had a neighborhood hot dog restaurant. I visited/made them deliver probably at least once a week while I lived there. And before I got cable, I’d go to watch UNC basketball games. (Brandon, the co-owner, happens to be a UNC fan who I became friends with.)

It’s definitely on the Top 3 list of things I’ll miss about living in New York.

Coming home to an empty apartment was also tough. That apartment had been my home for the past 3.5 years. My cats didn’t like it much either. All of the furniture and sleeping places had been packed up.

The toughest part was loading up the car and looking over the apartment one last time Saturday before driving away. I know I’ve said this before, but it was the end of a chapter I thought would last much longer. (Of course, I know I made the right decision to leave on my own terms though.)

So thank you, New York, for our time together. There were a lot of firsts and a lot of good times, but it’s time to move on.

Did you all ever have a change of dreams? Was it tough for you?

The 1st Moving Update

My apologies for not posting in the past two weeks, but let me tell you: MOVING IS EXHAUSTING.

In the past two weeks, I’ve packed up my entire apartment (which may not seem like a lot since it’s a one-bedroom, but well…I am on my way to being a hoarder for sure).


There wasn’t much room in my living room after we packed these boxes.IMAG0624This is the bedroom mostly packed up.Luckily, I had some help...Luckily, I had some help…

I’ve disconnected all the appropriate utilities. I’ve spent 10 hours in a car with two sedated kitties. I’ve signed a new lease, but am still waiting for my movers to bring my stuff down. (That stupid storm making its way across the country has caused a delay.) I’ve connected all new utilities.

And as of today, I have a North Carolina driver’s license again. I had to take the written test, which made me kind of (really) nervous. But I passed, so I can check that off the list.

Next up is car shopping. I’m leaning towards the 2013 Hyundai Accent (since my original car, the Toaster, was an accent). It’s a little overwhelming since I don’t really know what to ask for in a car anymore. The last time I went car shopping, they still had tape decks!

What do you all drive? Or suggest I buy?

(And I promise to start writing more posts with more substance soon!)

Two Weeks Notice

It’s hard to imagine that this time next week I’ll be back in North Carolina. Suddenly everything seems rushed, and I’m getting a little nervous. Is moving back to NC the right choice? Am I crazy to leave NYC behind? Will I ever see my friends here again? Will I make new ones down there?

When I really think about it though, I know this is the right choice for me. And I know it’s easy to get cold feet when I’m just hanging out having fun in the city instead of schlepping back and forth to work for 9ish-hour five days a week. Who wouldn’t enjoy it? But this can’t last. I’ll need to find a job sooner or later to pay for all the fun I’m having now. (Or a rich husband… just saying.) And I believe that I’ll be happier down South where the sun shines longer and hotter.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things I won’t miss about the city. I’ll miss my friends and days like today  (which included a boozy brunch, window shopping and fro-yo). I’ll miss having my food delivered (which is a very lazy habit I’ve developed, but there is nowhere else in the United States that delivers basically anything you want. Did you know my regular sushi joint is literally right around the corner from me? Pure blissful laziness.) I’ll miss the variety of cuisines available in the city. I’ll miss never having to worry about drinking and driving. I’ll miss Broadway shows, ballets and operas. And I’ll miss the buzz of the city that sometimes catches me when I’m walking down the street and makes me smile.

It’s tough closing this chapter since it was a dream for so long. It took a long time for me to understand that I wasn’t a failure, that what I thought I wanted wasn’t what I wanted at all. And sometimes those thoughts still surface.

BUT…on January 2, I committed to the decision to leave instead of complaining about how miserable I was and wavering back and forth about when it’d be the “right time.” And I’m so glad I did because now I can just move forward. The sense of not knowing what’s coming next is still scary, but also kind of exciting. Not to get all cliche on you all, but… “Today is where your book begins, The rest is still unwritten.”

A Moment & Update

First, a moment of silence.

543472_10101159203673368_428091890_nIf you didn’t know, I’m an alumna of the wonderful University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a true blue Tar Heel. Last night we suffered a tough loss against our rival, dook.

Don’t know much about college basketball rivalries? Well… it’s as big as the Yankees vs. the Red Sox, Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola, Apple vs. Microsoft. Get the picture?

In other news, I packed FOUR boxes today (and it hardly seems like I made a dent). This past weekend I went to North Carolina and found my new home! It’s a decent-sized 1-bedroom apartment with a WALK-IN CLOSET, a BALCONY and a room for my WASHER AND DRYER. Can you tell I’m a little excited? I don’t have pictures since I didn’t see my actual  unit, but hopefully I will soon.

The move date is basically set, but I’m meeting with my movers on Saturday to confirm. But… I’m definitely down to my last few weeks in the Big Apple. CCCCRRRRAAAAZZZYYYY.