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Bad Things Happen

There really is no easy way to talk about loss.

My parents called midday yesterday to tell me that our dog Bella had to be put to sleep. We knew the time would eventually come since she was 14 years old, but that still never really prepares you for when it actually happens. It just really sucks–especially since we lost our other dog Bruno in September.

Bella always had something to say.

Bella always had something to say. She was definitely one talkative pup.

I know losing a pet isn’t the same thing as losing a spouse, but I recently read a book called Saturday Night Widows by Becky Aikman that has given me a new perspective on grief. It’s about six young widows (mostly in their 40s) who defy the traditional stereotypes of widowhood and try to move forward with their lives. The most important lesson I got out of the story is that it’s ok to smile and laugh again.

In fact, the research on the five stages of grief was actually done on people who were dying. New research on grief shows that the five stages may actually be a bunch of hooey.

So I’m trying to stay positive about Bella and think about how she can run, jump and bark to her heart’s content. Plus, she’s with her buddy Bruno.

RIP Bella. I love you.