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(Belated) Saturday Gratitude

This week I am grateful for…

1) Rest days. Not because it means I don’t have to work out, but because when I give my body time to recuperate, it totally rocks out on the next race. After visiting my parents and not working out for two and a half days this week, I came home to run 2.76 miles in 30 minutes!! According to MapMyRun, my average pace was 10:58! That is definitely one of the best runs I’ve ever hard. Looks like running intervals + resting is definitely starting to pay off. Just in time since I run my 5k on Saturday!

2) My mom’s strawberry pie. (And the rest of her home-cooked meals, of course.) This is my favorite dessert, and it’s always waiting for me when I get home. AND now that I’m living closer to home, I can take the leftovers back with me. Yummmm…

A little slice of Heaven. (Sorry for the long photo. It's from my phone. I really need to buy a camera again. Sigh.)

A little slice of Heaven. (Sorry for the long photo. It’s from my phone. I really need to buy a camera again. Sigh.)

3) Roy Williams. I just finished reading his book, Hard Work: A Life On and Off the Court, and it has made me fall even more in love with Carolina basketball and Roy Williams (if possible). I knew next to nothing about Roy and this book was an eye-opener. It was also incredibly inspiring. I think anyone could read this book and appreciate it (except maybe a dookie). You definitely don’t have to know anything about basketball. If you’re in need of some inspiration or motivation, definitely pick it up.

What are you grateful for?

Gratitude Saturday

So this is a new idea I had last week, but forgot to actually post anything on Saturday. I figure what better way to end the week than share what I’m grateful for.

I probably need this post more than ever today because I am in a monster funk. I’m fairly certain I know why… all you other ladies can probably guess, too. ANYWAYS, here we go:

This week, I am grateful for…

…reconnecting with old friends. I met up with two friends from high school at North Hills for their Beach Music Series where we listened to The Craig Woolard Band. They were fantastic! I don’t have pictures to share, well, you know why…

…having a mini-gym in my apartment complex. On Wednesday, I attempted my first interval run on the treadmill. Overall it went well. I warmed up for six minutes, then ran for one minute at 6.4, slowed down for 2 mins at 5.4 and repeated that for six times. I don’t think I’d be able to manage intervals without that treadmill though.

…my new crock pot. That meal I shared with you last time was so delicious and I’ve used the meat in sandwiches, etc., all week. I even made this roast beef, egg and cheese sandwich that was YUM.

What are you grateful for?