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A Moment & Update

First, a moment of silence.

543472_10101159203673368_428091890_nIf you didn’t know, I’m an alumna of the wonderful University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a true blue Tar Heel. Last night we suffered a tough loss against our rival, dook.

Don’t know much about college basketball rivalries? Well… it’s as big as the Yankees vs. the Red Sox, Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola, Apple vs. Microsoft. Get the picture?

In other news, I packed FOUR boxes today (and it hardly seems like I made a dent). This past weekend I went to North Carolina and found my new home! It’s a decent-sized 1-bedroom apartment with a WALK-IN CLOSET, a BALCONY and a room for my WASHER AND DRYER. Can you tell I’m a little excited? I don’t have pictures since I didn’t see my actual  unit, but hopefully I will soon.

The move date is basically set, but I’m meeting with my movers on Saturday to confirm. But… I’m definitely down to my last few weeks in the Big Apple. CCCCRRRRAAAAZZZYYYY.