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I Read Too Many Blogs

So… as many of you know, Google has announced that on July 1, 2013, it plans to kill Google Reader. Talk about a major blow…┬áBut the silver lining is that I’ve really buckled down on catching up on my favorite blogs and on cleaning up my RSS feeds in order to prepare for the transition. I started using The Old Reader, but I’m not completely sold on it. So I think I might try a few other RSS readers.

What do you all use/plan on using?

Anyways, I thought I’d take some time to share a few of my favorite blogs with you and ask about yours. Most of them are fitness/healthy living-related (which if you haven’t noticed is kind of important to me).

1) Carrots’n’Cake: I can’t tell you how inspiring I find Tina to be. She focuses mostly on eating health and Crossfit, but there is a sprinkling of other topics that keep the blog uber-engaging. I love that her recipes are super simple, too.

2) Run Stronger Every Day: This was one of the first running blogs I started reading when I decided to really get into it. Although she’s been blogging a little less (with totally understandable reasons), I think she’s an unstoppable force. I mean… she hosted the Virtual Kick Ass 5k. Must I say more?

3) Erica D House: I’ve only recently started reading Erica’s blog, but I like that she focuses a lot on mental health and happiness (which is something I tend to struggle with). Plus, she’s a cat lady (which I can, again, relate to).

4) Ummm Now What: This blog is a friend of a friend’s. I can 100% relate to the whole “Umm Now What” feeling that comes with entering adulthood. Plus, she is another cat lady with two very awesome, special cats.

5) Les Jouers: I usually prefer more text-driven blogs, but this is my friend Isaiah’s blog about his fashion photography and I gotta say it’s incredible. If you live in the DC area and need a good photographer, he’s your man. I can’t wait to make him take super awesome photos of me one day.

Ok, these are my top 5 blogs at the moment. I have a ton of other blogs I read, so I’ll share more of them at another time.

What do you read? Also, do you know of any good Raleigh bloggers? (I deleted my Brooklyn blogs, which was kind of heartbreaking.)