So Bummed.

This past weekend, I was supposed to explore downtown Raleigh with a friend, but due to unforeseen baby troubles, she was unable to go with me. Instead of chickening out, like I often do, I decided I could check it out on my own.

First, let me say that driving in downtown Raleigh is nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because I went on a Sunday, but there were hardly any cars.

Also, for the longest time, it seemed almost like a deserted city. Unfortunately, I believe the reason no one was walking around is because they were all getting ready to run for Boston.


Look how awesome and patriotic the finish line is!!

Look how awesome and patriotic the finish line is!!

I’ve done a few runs by myself and quietly sent positive vibes into the air for them, but it’s no comparison to on the camaraderie I saw between all of those runners and people who were cheering.

Worse, I got stuck on the wrong side of the run, so I had to walk alongside of them for five or six blocks. All I wanted to do was join them. Stupid jeans and flats.

(Regardless, to help Boston, you can donate to The One Fund.)

After that, I wasn’t really in the mood to explore anymore. I also had to go home and cross a few things off the old to-do list. (I swear, I am 100% more accountable if I write a list of things to accomplish for each day.)

But it’s ok. After I got over my jealousy, I was just excited that there were so many kind, caring helpers. Good always wins.


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