A Self-Imposed Ban

After realizing I was way more out of shape than I was ok with (and knowing that I do not have a job to finance this habit), I put a self-imposed ban on buying clothes until May 1. The reason I did this is because I didn’t want to buy bigger clothes and give myself an excuse to hide behind them. Plus, I have a monster walk-in closet FULL of clothes that deserve to be worn.

This decision was made after a shopping trip with my mom (where I confess… I bought clothes, but I bought them in my regular size. Did it look as flattering as it could? No, but I was determined to shrink my middle.) If you know me, you know how my mom and I shop–til we drop! But this trip was probably the worst shopping trip I’d ever been on. What can I say? I’m vain.

[I should probably back up here and say that everyone has their own standards for themselves. The standards I hold myself to are personal. I would never think about passing this sort of judgment on anyone else.

Plus, those blizzards, my mom’s cooking, deliciously fried fast food and who knows what else all tend to settle around my middle, which means it’s probably mostly visceral fat. This type of fat is particularly bad because it’s been linked to metabolic disturbances and an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Well when cardiovascular disease and diabetes run rampant through your family history already, there is really no reason to tempt fate. So staying slim has major health benefits for me.

But man… this ban is a lot harder than I expected. I’ve been to both Target and Wal-Mart multiple times over the past couple of weeks buying household items, and I have to say, I’m close to caving. Plus, I saw some really adorable workout clothes… which ideally would be a smart purchase, right? Looking cute in workout clothes = all the more reason to exercise, right? (That may seem like faulty logic, but I swear, it actually works.)

I know that staying away would be the best way to avoid temptation, but when you’re not working and very slowly making/re-connecting with friends, these shopping outings may possibly be the only time you leave the apartment. (You know what I’m saying?) 

So tell me: Have you ever dealt with a self-imposed ban? How do you avoid temptation?

(And, for the record, I can definitely see results from exercising especially in my middle section. Very exciting!!)


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